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Are you looking for information on the manufacturer, use, and contraindications of a dietary supplement or other medical product?

About Us

We started by creating and adding data on dietary supplements for one of our clients. As the database grew, we decided to take advantage of it by giving access to a broader group of clients and users.
What does our product database contain?

  • Description including product composition, dosage, and intended use
  • Manufacturer data, website or pharmacy where the product can be purchased
  • Information on discounts and promotions

We also collect and copy product reviews found online. However, considering the impossibility of verifying the reality of the opinions, when publishing them in our database, we reserve that the responsibility falls on the reader.

Why is it worth using our services?

Our product is a modern application with the ability to quickly access information on hundreds of thousands of products.


What technologies do we use to add data?

Modern technologies are needed to handle such a large database, we use, among others:

Artificial Intelligence 100%
Cassandra - for database management 90%
PHP 55%



What do we offer in our service portfolio?

Quick Data Search

We will help you organize and prepare data search processes!

Client Applications

Custom data access applications and interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence Model Training

We can train and prepare artificial intelligence models to process the data we collect for our needs.


We are at your disposal, we will resolve any doubts.


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08940 Cornellà de Llobregat

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